Peek One

I bought a lantern and stove today, but I’ve been mulling over the decision about which ones to buy for more than a month now. I went with butane/propane fuel, just because of the small size of the fuel canisters. Propane was the other choice that I was considering, but for some reason the propane stove cost $25 more than the butane/propane, even though the lanterns were about the same price. I never even considered liquid fuel models–I can’t stand having to deal with leaks and spills, especially in my backpack where all my food is. The only drawback to butane/propane is the cost of the fuel cylinders. They’re nearly $4, whereas a propane cylinder twice the size is under $2. I sure hope I stick with this, but that’s just like me not to–I often spend a lot of money on hobbies that I grow tired of quickly.

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