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With all the media attention Nutty Putty Cave has been getting lately, my cave site has been getting quite a few hits, so I’ve started a sort-of blog there. I’ve also added some GPS coordinates and pictures, and I added a comments link just like I did for the poll a while back.
We’re going camping at Bear Creek Campground again this weekend. It was such a nice place that we’ll probably camp there a couple more times this year, though it’s probably not the best summer camping spot due to its low elevation. We’re going to camp closer to Huntington Creek this time, rather than near the highway, just for a change of scenery. The campground is so large (compared to most of the Forest Service campgrounds further up the canyon) that there are several different “areas” to camp in, and each one has a different look and feel. The timber is much thicker towards the creek, and there’s a lot more brush, plus there’s a bridge crossing the creek and a trail that I’ll have to follow.
There’s also a waterfall, shown on the topo map of the area, about two miles up Bear Creek Canyon. I might hike up there if I get the chance, but only if Traci has somebody to keep her company with the kids back at camp. Her parents aren’t sure whether or not they’re coming, but if they’re not, I’m sure we’ll have a good time anyway, likely with the campground all to ourselves.

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