Tails from the Sheep

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for camping this weekend. In fact, I wish we’d brought along enough food and clothing to stay tonight as well. During the drive over on Friday, my truck was going terribly slow, and I was beginning to think something was wrong with the engine. It took me about 15 miles of driving towards Huntington that it was just a small headwind, but apparently that trailer handles like a barn in the wind.
The campground was nearly empty when we got there, though we were all worried about it being crowded for the Labor Day weekend. My sister and her family showed up a few hours after we got there, just before dark, and it was getting really windy. We didn’t have a campfire because of the wind, and it eventually started raining, so we put all our kids to bed and crowded into the trailer for some card games, drinking, and bullshitting.
It’s funny, there were signs at the campground entrance prohibiting firearms and alcohol, and I was seriously breaking both of those rules (however, the no firearms rule is technically not valid). The fridge in the trailer wouldn’t hold my 5-liter box of wine, so I brought a 32 ounce Powerade bottle full of wine with me. God, I’m such a fucking redneck.
Anyhow, after a somewhat cold and wet night, we had a blazing fire going the next morning which stayed lit almost the entire time until we left this afternoon–I didn’t bring nearly enough firewood, so we had to scrounge it from the surrounding empty campsites and elsewhere. Last night was spent around the campfire, roasting marshmallows and popcorn chicken, along with some other juvenile hijinks.
We did most of our cooking outdoors, either over the fire or on the barbecue. The cold weather made the campfire all that more inviting, and the kids seemed to keep themselves busy enough that the adults got a lot of relaxing and socializing done. I told Traci that I want to go camping every weekend for the rest of the year, until she gets sick of it, because I know that I won’t. We’ve only used the heater in the trailer once, but I think it’ll get a good workout in the coming months.

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