5,500 RPM

Bleh…I haven’t felt like updating this site lately, even though I don’t have a lack of things to post about. Camping last weekend was so-so…it wasn’t as cold as the weekend before, and nowhere near as fun. I placed a geocache while I was up there. I hiked about 4 miles over the course of a few hours, in several directions from camp, before finally finding a place to stash it. The canyon is awesome–the rocks are deeply pitted and eroded–and I’d like to go hiking there again sometime when I get the chance.
On my way home from work today, I got the Taurus up to 105 MPH, so apparently it isn’t governed at 100 MPH like I’d previously thought. It even had much more in reserve, but I backed off because a slight curve was coming up and I didn’t want to risk getting clocked at the top of Price Canyon, where a UHP trooper is often parked, busily passing the time.
I actually started working on the kids’ playset this this week, but I’ve still got quite a bit left to go. I’ve spent several hours just cutting all the lumber, and I hope to get a lot of the construction done this weekend. I’ve also spent a lot of time doing some carpentry work on my trailer–I’ve added some new storage, and I hope to build a new storage box on the rear bumper soon as well.
I downloaded and installed Firefox Preview Release 0.10 today, and it worked fine for awhile, but lately it hasn’t been loading images like it should. It’ll load some smaller images, but it won’t display the larger ones. I haven’t tried closing it out and restarting it or rebooting my machine, but if that doesn’t work, I’ll either have to revert to an earlier version or use IE until they fix the problem.

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  1. I figured out what was wrong with Firefox–somehow, the option “Load images from the originating web site only” was activated when I installed the new version. Either that, or I somehow accidentally checked it. Anyway, all is well now.

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