I just got the Mazda back from Grako’s, and I can’t believe the difference in handling. Even starting and stopping are completely different–no whiplash whenever I come to a stop. I apparently used to brace myself whenever coming to a stop without even realizing it, because now I stiffen my body but the jerking back and forth never comes. It turns much better now too, with a LOT more response, instead of that spongy feeling I used to get when I turned the wheel abruptly.
I didn’t end up getting the Rancho shocks, because they wanted too much for them in the first place (about $10 apiece more than I could buy them for online), and because they said when (or if) I eventually lift the Mazda, I’ll need new shocks to compensate for the new height. They threw on some Gabriel shocks instead, which were cheaper and had a lifetime warranty (not that it will do me much good). I’m just happy now that I can drive long distances without carrying two spare tires with me or having to worry about wearing a tire down far enough to cause a blowout.

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