What the hell? Two days ago it was 80° outside, and I was preparing to install my new swamp cooler this week, and today I wake up to snow. If this crap keeps up, my plans for this week will be shot. I keep blabbing on about how I plan on finishing the dining room, but the end never seems near. Granted, I didn’t work on it much this weekend–most of my Saturday was spent trying to get rid of the camper, and Sunday I spent hours and hours just touching up the paint and I only got halfway done. The textured plaster in that room was literally 10 times more difficult to paint that I imagined, and it’s impossible to mask off since the tape won’t stick to all the crevices. I’m doing touch-ups with an atrist’s brush, since it’s the only thing small enough to get in all the cracks without splooging paint all over the wood trim. I actually got the new ceiling fan and light kit installed and it looks awesome. I was hoping to cut, paint, and install the baseboard today, but I don’t think I want to brave this cold weather. The weekend looks like it’ll be decent weather, but I might be so sick of being cooped up in the house by then that I’ll want to go hiking or biking and put off working on the house for yet another week.

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