Desperate Measures

I spent some time Saturday leveling out the new topsoil in my front yard, and this morning I woke up to tire tracks going across it (again). This is the third time one of my asswad neighbors or their friends have driven through my front yard, and as usual, the police officer who came out this morning to look at it seemed disinterested. I understand that they just can’t cite everybody who lives in that house, but with as uncooperative as my neighbors are being, you’d think the cops would be able to do something.
I told the officer this morning that I couldn’t afford to put up a fence just to keep those jackasses from doing what they shouldn’t be doing in the first place, and he asked me why I didn’t just put a metal pole on the corner to keep them from driving in my yard. Well, that got quite a chuckle out of me–I told him about how I had been told by a different officer to remove a metal stake I had placed in my yard for just that purpose.
He said that he’d talk to the police chief and the guy who told me to remove the metal stake, but I don’t know what good that’ll do. What I’d really like to see is for the owners of the house to be cited, and maybe they could pressure their tenants to behave like civilized people. But then again, the owners of the house can’t keep their tenants from driving on their own front lawn (they’ve staked down 8×8″ pieces of wood to keep them off the grass).
Update: Apparently all the talking Officer Cartwright did with his superiors and such was only to find out what I could do about keeping this from happening again (putting up a fence or pole, etc.), but nothing to do with actually punishing the neighbors. I suppose that job will be left up to me. Not that I’m likely to do anything, simply because it would be just my luck to get caught retaliating, while those jackasses nextdoor manage to do all kinds of stuff without the cops being able to do anything about it.

5 thoughts on “Desperate Measures

  1. Wtf is it with people and driving on neighbors lawns. 2 months ago my chinese neighbors moved out and just recently more chinese moved in. and they backed a semi right on my lawn for no fucking reason. Now i have a huge tiremark through my lawn that will never go away.

  2. No, Julia moved out, but some of her friends still live there. Her parents still own the house, but I dearly wish they’d stop renting it out to college girls and sell the damned place to somebody who gives a shit about the neighborhood.

  3. Ask Officer Cartwright if you can borrow his stop stick/tire spikes and set them down in your grass. I will bet that you will only need them once or twice. 😉

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