Gone Fishin'

You might notice that there’s one fewer link on the left side of my main page–I sold the camper today, finally. A guy stopped by this morning (got me out of bed, actually) and wanted to look at it. He was in a newer Dodge 3/4-ton short bed, and he asked if we’d take $800 for it, which I said yes to, but he just wasn’t sure if he’d be able to haul it around in a 6′ bed. He said he’d think about it and get back to me, and he ended up coming back in less than an hour to buy it.
I told him up-front about the problems I’d had with the left-front hydraulic jack, but it had never given me enough problems to bother replacing. Well, his Dodge is a hell of a lot taller than my Ford, and that jack gave us all kinds of problems–it started leaking hydraulic fluid, and eventually just shit out completely. He went to his dad’s house just a few blocks away and borrowed a sheepherder’s jack, and we managed to get it into his truck using that (after literally almost two hours), but I swear, the camper just about fell on us at least a few times–scared the shit out of both of us. I felt so bad about the jack not working that I told him that if he got a new one to replace it, I’d pay for it, but he refused. He said since he knew about it up-front and offered me $150 less than my asking price, that we’d just call it even (a new jack is probably only $45 anyway). So at least I don’t feel too badly about it, but I’m extremely glad to have my driveway back. Now I can back my trailer in and get it ready for the camping season, since the camper being in the way was the only thing that’s stopped me from doing it up until now.

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