Wax on, wax off.

I took the whole family with me yesterday and we placed two more geocaches–one along the Mounds Reef, and another several miles south of there near a place called Marsing Wash. Since I had Traci and the kids with me, I couldn’t really spend the time and energy that I’d have liked in finding a really great hiding spot, but the places I picked should be adequate to keep the muggles away (and easy enough to take kids to). At least we all got to have a little fun together.
Whenever I get the time to do another cache, I’m going to make it a hard one. I’d prefer to do a little work to get to caches that I’m looking for–just driving up and finding it isn’t very exciting. This cache was my favorite to find, simply because it involved an hours-long hike through dense forests and across huge boulder fields, with no trail whatsoever. I don’t think the next cache I hide will be that difficult, but I certainly don’t think it’ll be kid-friendly–then again, Michael is really damned good at hiking and climbing, so it might be worthwhile to bring him along.

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  1. hmmm…I still don’t understand what a cache is? so its a computer terminology..and u hide the data somewhere and they have to find the data or its like a chip. Let me look on some more. But I think I have the main idea. Thanks

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