Jeez…some pussy-ass loser ganked one of my geocaches just a few days after I placed it. There’s also another one (not one of mine) that went missing around the same time just a few miles south, and possibly others in the area–nobody has reported them missing, but that’s because nobody has visited them recently. Whoever it was must have been using a GPS–neither cache was in a place where it could just be stumbled over by somebody wandering around in the desert. I’m planning on returning and replacing another cache in the exact same location, ’cause fuck them. My next cache container will be a little harder to just walk off with, but that won’t keep somebody from stealing the contents. I’m simply not willing to let some pussy drive me away, though.
We went cachin’ with my sister and her family yesterday, and it was a blast. One of them required a pretty exhausting hike, and I made the mistake of wearing brand new hiking boots, so my feet got pretty sore. I thought it would be a good hike to break the boots in before I did some more serious hiking, but I didn’t expect this one to be so rough. It was still a good day for caching, even though we only found two out of three that we’d planned on. I just hope that whoever took the two missing caches doesn’t make a habit of it–or else they might get the opportunity to meet me in person.

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