Paint the Fence

I worked on painting the dining room pretty much all weekend, and all I got done was the windows. I can’t believe what a pain in the ass this has been. The wood in that room is original to the house, so it’s almost 75 years old, and this yellowish color kept bleeding through the primer. There are probably six coats of paint on all the wood around the windows, and there are 23 individual panes of glass, so you can see how that would take awhile.
I need a break from working in there today, but tomorrow Traci and I will start up again. The walls and the wood trim need a coat of primer (the wood probably needs two or three coats, actually), then the wood trim will need a finish coat of white. After that dries for a day, we can mask off the trim and paint the walls and ceiling (each will be a different color). Then it’s just a matter of cutting the beadboard paneling, baseboard, and chair rail, painting it white, and installing it.
When this is all done, I think this will be the last home improvement project, at least inside the house, for the rest of the year. It’s past time that we started doing outdoor things, like camping and hiking and biking and geocaching, and all those other “ing” things.

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