I managed to get the Mazda home last night after working on it for half an hour. It did turn out being the positive battery cable–it was corroded really badly underneath the shielding. I ended up removing the cable from the terminal and cleaning it the best I could, then I clamped it back down really good. I’m still going to replace the battery cables and terminals because they’re all in bad shape–I don’t trust the temporary fix I made last night to hold for very long. It’s been raining or sprinkling here most of the morning, and if it doesn’t clear up I probably won’t be able to get started today.
I’ve got a wisdom tooth (my second one) that’s starting to come in, and it’s killing me. My gums are swollen, and my jaw muscle on that side is in excruciating pain whenever I open my mouth more than about an inch. It’s forcing me to be on a sort of diet–I can only eat soft foods that I can chew easily, and most of the time even that’s too much to bear for very long, so I end up not eating very much. I absolutely dread going to the dentist to get it fixed–I had two teeth pulled when I was in 8th grade, and it was a very unpleasant experience. I think I’ll wait it out and hope that it gets better. My last wisdom tooth never hurt quite this bad, but I was able to wait that one out.

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  1. I have the same fear of dentistry or orthadontics. I have a small mouth from my dad and massive teeth from my mom. So my entire childhood was filled with trips to the dentist to get more teeth pulled to make room for others. This was to prevent braces. But good old Dr. Baily pulled the wrong tooth (one of many, many mistakes he made on me) causing me to need braces for about 3 years. Just to fix one little tooth. But now one of my wisdom teeth is ramming all my other teeth. It is running perfectly perpindicular. The other is coming in just fine though. I’m trying my best to “wait it out”, but most likely I’ll have to do surgery and then more braces. I’m considering dentures so I never have to worry about this sort of thing. Can’t be too uncommon at the age of 22.

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