D u h

This about sums up how my brain feels this morning after returning to work after two weeks off:


I don’t remember it ever being this cold here, and my furnace is on almost constantly trying to keep up. The snow on the ground prevented me from doing any of the things that I wanted to accomplish while I was on vacation–I had three small carpentry projects and a few automotive projects that I was going to do. The only good thing about this snow, besides helping to break the drought we’ve had for the past five or six years, is that I got to play in it a few times. Now that I’m back to work, I’ll get bummed out if it starts snowing again, since I probably won’t have as much time to go out and play.

3 thoughts on “D u h

  1. in joplin missouri, it got down to 0 degrees at around 11:45 p.m.. sucks when you have to ride with someone with no driver side window…you get used to it after your fingers are stuck together from the cold :).

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