6 thoughts on “U-Hell

  1. Yep, I just checked and they’ll rent behind a Montero. You know, I’m surprised there hasn’t been any news coverage of this–you’d think that the millions of Explorer owners would be making a little noise by now.

  2. Finally, CNN has an article about it. I have no doubt that U-Haul will eventually overturn their own policy, probably due to pressure from Ford Motor Company and the 5,000,000 Ford Explorer owners out there.

  3. As an Explorer Owner with a Uhaul hitch and thousands of miles on my vehicle pulling Uhaul trailers, I propose that Explorer Owners stage a nation wide drive in to Uhaul dealers across the county to protest this irrational move by this company known for irrationality. I would like to suggest that April 1st in recongition of the stupity of UHaul be selected and that we cram their parking lots with Explorers all day long….

  4. WOW I just tried to rent a UHaul trailer for my explorer. Amazing, they won’t do it!!! I’m sure that while pulling a trailer your rollover rate is much higher, WAKE UP UHAUL!

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