Traci and I went to Provo/Orem on Monday for dinner and a movie, and to do some clothes shopping. The drive up was really slow because of all the snow, and we decided not to see a movie so we’d have a chance to make it home somewhat early. About halfway through our meal, I started feeling sick, and Traci started feeling the same way not too long after that, so we ended up not even doing much shopping afterwards. I had a migraine the entire drive home, and with that on top of the weather, it made for a really shitty trip.
It’s snowing again, and it looks like we’ll get quite a bit this time as well, so we’re planning on going tubing again tomorrow. When we went last week it was a blast–my sister and her family were there as well. We had the hill to ourselves for more than two hours, except for about a half-hour when a few other people showed up. My camp stove ended up not working so we couldn’t have hot chocolate like I’d planned. I’ve fixed the stove for this time, and I’m planning on bringing wood for a fire too, so it should be a much better time.

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  1. Red Lobster in Orem. I don’t think it was the food, because I started getting the headache before we went there. But after eating my meal and feeling like shit all the while, I don’t think I’ll be able to eat seafood for awhile.

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