I’m not normally awake this early, but Star 102.1 in Knoxville, Tennessee, called here just after 6:00 am and had me on their show. And they likely found out about it from Fark. =) I suppose I’ll try to get some more sleep, at least until the phone rings again, which it undoubtedly will.
Update: Wow:
? 7:02 am: Tommy and Rumble, FM 99 WNOR, Chesapeake, Virginia
? 7:30 am: Franke and Jean, 95.7 The Rock, La Crosse, Wisconsin
? 7:39 am: Fisher and Laura, Star 102.7, Salt Lake City, Utah
? Tomorrow at 5:45 am mountain time: Steve and DC, 104.1 The Mall, St. Louis, Missouri, and on SIRIUS Satellite Radio
? 5:56 pm: They just mentioned it on the Fox Report w/Shep! He mispronounced the name at first, but got it right on the third try.
? Also, I got a phone call from a guy named Dave Madden, who said he is an assistant producer (or some such thing) for the Ellen DeGeneres Show. He asked me if I’d be ok going on the show, but said it has to be run by the producers first. Now I’m really freaked out.
AP article in the Boston Globe
MP3 from Doug Wright Show [1.9 MB] on KSL 1160 AM (partial recording–I missed the last half)
Article from QuoteNet, a Dutch news source (I’ll place the translation in the comments section)
Free Republic comments

13 thoughts on “*yawn*

  1. Hey Uncle…hadn’t thought about you for a while and saw your license plate woes on Fark. Good to see you’re still alive and kicking (and stickin’ it to the man).

  2. Translation from WorldLingo.com:
    “Some Dutch names sound in English rather shabby. Perhaps Wim cook and jet Nypels have missed as a result, an international career. Was nevertheless it a surprise then Dennis Udink heard that its surname for the state Utah not acceptable were as a text for its nummerbord – because ‘ dink ‘ were an obscure wrong from the Vietnamoorlog. Whereas we know Udinks here as respectable politicians and journalists. But Dennis make still chance on an amendment to the law, certainly now he using to be own web-unwieldly zijn vijftien minuten beroemdheid heeft bereikt. He has been even interviewed, o irony, by KUTV…”
    Heh, sounds like KUTV has some strange meaning over in the Netherlands. I’m pretty sure that part that didn’t translate, right after the mention of my website, has something to do with my fifteen minutes of fame (vijftien minuten).

  3. Thought you’d like to know that you were mentioned on CNN Headline News’ blurb marquee thingy today. Schwank. (Sorry if someone’s mentioned this already, btw)

  4. put this in one of the older comments sections, but your ordeal was mentioned on Fox News at the top of the hour (8pm)

  5. holy crap. I don’t care for ellen degeneres, butjust because you made a fuss about your last name..you are getting on talk shows, radio talk shows..cool man. keep it up. your 15 minutes of fame will soon be up, and they will be back on j-lo and ben. LOL…:p

  6. I would not normally comment, because this is my husbands fight, but I feel good knowing that a lot of people are in support of you on this issue. As someone who married into this unusual name, I can’t see why anyone could take offense to it. Besides, anything can be taken out of context if someone choses to do so.

  7. Well I am a utahn myself, and have been completely clueless up to just a few minutes ago. My husband and I could not understand how your name could possibly be offensive or vulgar. I searched you last numerous times, on numerous engines.. and came up w/ nothing. Then realized they were searching “dink”. So if I go to get my license plate personalized am I going to be rejected because my last name is Britt (a moniker given to people of Brittish origin). Or because the last letters are that of those in the word “shit”??? Sorry you have to deal w/ UT idiots who have too much time on their hands.

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