Well, Dan Rascon and the rest of the news crew just left my house. Dan said the segment would be on the air at 5:30 this evening on channel 2. I’m obviously gonna record it, and I’ll try to get a copy to put on my website somehow. I managed to record three minutes of me on the radio show this morning, but I couldn’t find a decent mp3 recorder, so the shareware crap that I had cut off after three minutes. Instead of feeling nervous, I felt cheesy, having to repeat and explain everything several times while they shot at different angles and locations. If you watch the newscast, you’ll get to see how damned messy my computer desk is, too, though most of the footage was taken outside in front of the house.
Update: Thanks to Ty, here is the video [5.3 MB] from today’s news. They aired a slightly different segment during the 10:00 news, but it was shorter than the evening news and didn’t really contain anything new.

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