Another day…

Here’s today’s Deseret News article, and also one from the Salt Lake Tribune. No decision was made at yesterday’s committee meeting, and one state senator had doubts that relaxing the rule would be a good thing. I don’t know when they plan to meet next, but I suspect that nothing will happen before my hearing on the 27th, so I’m starting to prepare my case for presentation to the Utah State Tax Commission. The Steve and DC show went well this morning–I managed to record the entire thing this time, so I’ll probably put an MP3 of it on here when I get home from work.
Update: Here we go again:
? 8:45 am: The Bob Rivers Show, Seattle, Washington
? 9:07 am: The Bob and Mark Show, Anchorage, Alaska
? Tomorrow morning: B96, Chicago, Illinois
? Tomorrow morning: The Tom Barberi Show, KALL 700, Salt Lake City, Utah
Ahh, and get this–somebody who works for the Utah State Tax Commission is leaving comments on my website that I doubt the Tax Commission will approve of.
Here is the MP3 [1.2 MB] from the Steve and DC show this morning.

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