When I say shitty luck…

…I mean really really shitty luck. We packed up the whole family and went for a drive up to Price Canyon Recreation Area, and on our way home, the Mazda started making a funny noise. It was like a clunking/grinding noise coming from the front-right wheel, but when I stopped and looked at it, I couldn’t see anything wrong. After looking for a minute or two, I touched the wheel hub, and it burned my hand. I think the wheel bearing crapped out on me, but I wasn’t about to try driving all the way home. I ended up hitching a ride into Helper while Traci stayed with the kids in the car, and I called her mom to come pick us up. After we got home, I called Helper Auto and met the tow truck driver in Helper, then rode up with him to pick up the Mazda. We left it at Helper Auto, where hopefully they’ll have it fixed by tomorrow. We’re were going to go to West Valley to stay with Mike and Ali this weekend, but if the car’s not fixed, we won’t be able to. If I have any more car problems in the near future, I’m going to go insane–or even more so than I am already, anyway.

1 thought on “When I say shitty luck…

  1. Double UGH! šŸ™
    We still have that Saturn for sale, if you’re interested? LOL I’m sure the shipping costs wouldn’t be much more than a few grand, but for you, I’d give ya a deal. šŸ˜‰

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