Well, somebody must really hate me. My wife’s uncle called first thing this morning to tell me that the only thing wrong with the Mazda was that all 20 lugnuts on the vehicle were loose! That’s why the right-front wheel was making noise, it was about to come off. So now, as you can imagine, we’re pretty worried that it’ll happen again–there’s no telling who would want to do something like that. We don’t even know if it happened since we bought it, or if somebody did it while the car sat in Traci’s dad’s driveway. This is something I’m going to be paranoid about for a long time. I’m going to start carrying my torque wrench in the car so I can check all the lugnuts for tightness before I go anywhere. This is pathetic.
I swear, if I ever catch anybody fucking around with my car, they’re going to get an automatic bullet to the head, no questions asked. I figure that it’s justifiable, seeing as how my whole family could have died yesterday. The road coming down from Price Rec is extremely steep and winding–we’re damn lucky that nothing happened on that road, or else we’d have been mincemeat.

4 thoughts on “Fucker

  1. Before your ‘fucker’ response, did you stop to think that perhaps the loose nuts could’ve been due to worn threads? inadequate tightening?
    Why would people be out to get you? Because the world revolves around you?
    Try some weak locktight on the threads, that should fix the car. Your head might need something stronger. đŸ˜‰

  2. You’re pretty fucking arrogant for thinking that I believe that the world revolves around me, and pretty dim-witted for thinking that there’s a great probability that each and every lugnut could have worked its way loose at the same time. No, it wasn’t due to inadequate tightening, seeing as how it had a safety inspection at my wife’s uncle’s dealership not too long before it happened, during which only two wheels were pulled. The probability of two wheels not being tightned properly then, and the other two not being tightened properly the last time they were removed is also pretty slim.
    And if you really think that nobody could possibly have done this intentionally–well, who the fuck are you to say that you know all about me and my life well enough to believe that I haven’t made any enemies? Tell that to the guy who my sister has a restraining order against–the order also includes my residence, and that of my other sister and my mom–and who has been driving past all three houses late at night recently. Don’t even presume to know me, dickwad.

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