High in Utah

I’ve been wanting to buy this book for awhile now, but instead I waited so that somebody could actually get me something that I really wanted for my birthday (I’m really hard to buy for). It’s called High in Utah – A Hiking Guide to the Tallest Peak in Each of the State’s Twenty-Nine Counties. The book has driving directions, maps, detailed trail descriptions (if a trail even exists, which it doesn’t for many of the hikes), estimated hiking times, and a lot of other information about each mountain peak. I have every intention of hiking all 26 peaks (some counties share a high-point), and four others that are described in the book.
I’m starting with one of the easiest, Monument Peak in Carbon County, since it’s the closest. You can drive right to it, so it’s not a big accomplishment or anything, but I’ve always wanted to go to that area anyway. We’re going camping, probably for the last time this year, in Huntington Canyon next weekend, and Monument Peak isn’t far away from where we’ll be staying. Though I’d like to hike King’s Peak this year (Utah’s tallest at over 13,500 feet), I don’t have the equipment for an overnight stay while hiking (it’s a 30 mile hike). I’ll have to save up some money and slowly buy the equipment that I need throughout the winter so I can tackle it next summer.

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