Hey, where'd my spoon go?

I went up to Sandy and saw The Matrix Reloaded today with Ty and the gang. It’s probably something I wouldn’t have seen until it came out on DVD if I hadn’t gone up with those guys, but I’m glad I got to see it in a decent theater. I was surprised to see Cornel West in it, especially since I didn’t notice any other cameos. The thing that really bugged me about the movie, though, was the goddamned General Motors commercial in the middle of it. Through the entire freeway scene, the only non-GM vehicles were the semis–at least I don’t think they were made by GM. In two of the really wide shots, I noticed a BMW and an old RX-7, but not a single Ford, not even a Crown Victoria police car. Surprising, since the car they drove in the first movie was a Lincoln Continental.

16 thoughts on “Hey, where'd my spoon go?

  1. That scene was too fast for me to notice anything specific. The only thing I noticed about the vehicles is they blowed up real good. That was a mighty fine theater though. The Mayan creaped the hell out of me, never again will I eat there. Besides, the food was definately not worth the price.

  2. Yeah, but…what about the orange blow-up llama, and the dogs humping trees???
    That scene was badass as all hell, though–especially the parts where the camera seemed to go through cars and truck axles and the like. I still don’t feel like buying an Oldsmobile, though.

  3. Cameos: The ship captain (Ballard) that agrees to stay behind when Morepheus returns to Zion in the 1st part of the movie is boxer Roy Jones Jr.

  4. Heh…gotta try that two fisted burrito, eh Ty? =) I shoulda checked to see if they had a two fisted burrito t-shirt in the gift shop–or even a shot glass, that would be even better. Maybe I’ll check when Revolutions comes out, ’cause I doubt I’ll get up there again before then.

  5. Only if I don’t eat anything for about 2 days beforehand. 🙂
    I seriously thought about grabbing the little display stand thingy off the table & scanning it to make a big “two fisted burrito” print…
    I think I’ll check next time I’m there for a shot glass.. might be a long shot, but that would be way to damn cool to have.. Mandi and I are thinking of going up when Bruce Almighty comes out and hitting Joe’s while we’re there. If I can talk myself out of the Mayan for once… Maybe if we go to El Salto the day before it won’t be so tempting… it’s the only mexican place I’ve been to that I think is better. Either way I’ll go check out the gift shop & see what I can find.

  6. Oh.. and I can do without the Oldsmobile, but I’d be happy to take that CTS.. well, before they shot it to hell & ripped the top off.

  7. maybe if you took the cucumber out of your ass and watched the movie instead of obsessing about the car brands you could have yourself a good time. moron.

  8. Who was obsessing about car brands? IT WAS A FUCKING GENERAL MOTORS COMMERCIAL in the middle of the movie. It couldn’t have been much more blatant than it was, so I would hardly call taking notice of (and being bugged by) it “obsessing.” Fucking stoopid-ass troll.

  9. Noticing product placement usually doesn’t ruin an entire movie for me. Especially one as fucking good as the Matrix. You sir, wear your ass for a hat.

  10. “Nerds that frequent udink.org donate too damn much time arguing about bullshit. By the end dennis founder of udink.org shot everyone.”

  11. Didn’t know we were arguing. Pretty sure we all agree that the movie was fan-fucking-tastic. Think we also agree that there were a lot of GM cars in that scene. It’s an observation, not a complaint. They only type of people I notice frequenting udink.org are those who hate Dennis and/or his site. If you don’t like, then GTFO. Pretty simple.

  12. i’ve been a fan of this site for too many damn years (2-3 maybe) to be ridiculed by you sir. if you don’t like my sexiness then stop staring :).

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