Flamethrower, anyone?

There is a massive moth infestation in my neighborhood right now, and it’s creeping me out. I’ve never had or heard of people having moth problems around here, but there are thousands of them outside my house right now, and it feels like a variation of The Birds. There are so many of them that by just standing outside for a minute or two, you’re likely to get dive-bombed by a dozen or more moths. We’ve been camping since Friday, and when we got home today I gave my mom a call and she said there were shitloads of them in our mail slot and between our front door and the screen door when she came in this morning to turn our cooler on. I sprayed insecticide around all the windows in the basement to try to keep them out, and luckily there have only been a few in the house so far.
Our camping trip was alright. Russ and his girlfriend stayed from Friday until yesterday, and Jaysen and Michelle stayed from yesterday until today when we all left. Ty and Mandi even came out for awhile on Saturday, which was probably the highlight of the whole weekend–the rest of the time we just spent sitting around in the unbearable heat, being eaten alive by bugs. Next time I go scouting for a place to camp, I’ll be sure to do it closer to the time we’ll actually be camping there. A few weeks ago when I picked this spot out, it was much cooler, and there were no bugs at all. We decided that next time we go camping, we’ll go to the very top of Huntington Canyon, where it’s likely to be as cool as anywhere else that my truck can reasonably go without breaking down.

9 thoughts on “Flamethrower, anyone?

  1. I really didn’t notice them until today when we went to Ty’s parents house and they were swarming me when we rode our bikes. I wouldn’t usually complain much about it but I am petrified of them. I guess when I was little one tried to fly up my nose so I have a fear of being suffocated by them. I don’t fear spiders but moths on the other hand freak me out. I guess if it keeps this up I will be keeping my ass in the house.

  2. I went to a friends house the other day and when we opened the screen door a sea of moths came flooding out. That’s the most fucked up thing I have seen in a very long time.

  3. You have two options.
    1. Hairspray and a lighter.
    2. A vacuum cleaner.
    Both are very effective methods for erradicating such a problem. We get a lot of that here in Canada, so I know from experience. We had a bit of an ant problem the last few months. Nothing the vacuum cleaner couldn’t fix!

  4. There’s something wrong with your CSS or something, because in mozilla, all the text has the same highlighting that only a link should have. Even the input button for this form. When I mouse over it, it get’s the underline style.

  5. Yeah, I’d thought about using the vacuum cleaner–if we get any more moths in the house, I’m definitely going to use it.
    Oh, and fixed the problem in Mozirra–the <a name=”comments”> tag wasn’t closed in the Greymatter template. Thanks for pointing that out. =)

  6. I thought that was intentional. Trying to go for some neat style of some sort. Since I have no sense of style at all I try not to question other’s. 😉

  7. Aahahah…I have to put up with that shit already. Michael is well into the terrible twos, and it looks like there are about 16 more years to go. =)

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