Ball, ChainToday is my 5th wedding anniversary. It seems that with any type of milestone event like this, it always feels like it couldn’t possibly have happened that long ago, yet it feels like forever ago. We’re not really doing anything special to celebrate, except dinner and a movie. Of course, for an old married couple, I guess that really is a departure from normality. Anyway, happy anniversary, honey.
Traci’s last doctor’s appointment was on Tuesday, and we scheduled a c-section then–Bradley should be born on June 30th. That date is really creeping up on us, and we still have a lot to do in order to be prepared for this one. We had to have Michael two weeks early, and we weren’t even prepared then–I spent a few days in the same clothes, without a shower, because I couldn’t peel myself away from the hospital for the three hours it would have taken me to drive home and get a change of clothes. We’re really hoping there aren’t any complications this time–specifically, we don’t want the baby to come early and force Traci to deliver down here at Casketview. Two years ago with Michael, we decided that if she went into premature labor, we’d just hop in the car and high-tail it to Orem, but we no longer have a car capable of getting us up there in less than an hour. If anything happens this time, we’re screwed.

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  1. to mark this special occasion i would like to dedicate this weekend (of partying of course) to the long lasting marriage of traci and dennis udink. all the best and all the beer to you :).

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