I did something pretty stupid yesterday. I was out doing some target practice with my P-11, and I was using the top of my car as a rest while I shot at an old propane tank about 50 yards away. After one of the shots, the empty shell hit the top of the car and landed upright on the far edge of the roof. So the stupid thing is that I decided to shoot the shell off the top of the car. I knew damn-well that there was a chance the bullet would gouge the roof of the car if my aim was off, and big surprise, it did just that. At least I hit the empty shell–to miss it would have been embarassing. =)
I think there might actually be somthing wrong with my P-11 though, because no matter how much I adjust the rear sight, my aim seems to be off a little to the right. At 50 yards, I have to aim about 12-18 inches to the left in order to hit my target, and at 15 yards it’s off by a few inches. I’ve bumped the sight to the left a few times, but the aim never improves, nor does it seem to get any worse. Maybe someday I’ll take a couple hundred rounds and a bunch of targets to the “range” (for me, that’s pretty much any dirt road that leads out of town) and spend some serious time trying to figure out the problem.

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  1. Mine hits a bit right too… just remember that gun isn’t really designed to be “aimed” at all… it’s more of a point off the tip of the barrell as fast as you can weapon than a target pistol.

  2. Yeah, I’m not too worried about it being off a bit. I can still hit anything that’s standing still from about 20 yards or so without any problems, even when I pull off a quick shot. I was just shooting long-range for fun, and it was bugging me that it didn’t wanna adjust at all.

  3. Hopefully that indoor shooting range will be finished before next winter. I guess they’re going to build it out by the fairgrounds, so if you’re inclined to do so, you can do some rifle shooting nearby too–there are a few good places out by Pinnacle Peak, and that’s just a 3 or 4 minute drive from the fairgrounds.

  4. Yeah, it looks like they’re actually going to do it. From the Scum Advocate:
    “[T]he commission approved the contract for a grant from the Utah Community Impact Board for $750,000 toward covering the costs of the new indoor gun target range the county plans to build near the fairgrounds.”
    “Once we have established the exact site, we should be able to break ground sometime in May or June of this year.”

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