Speed Factor

I would seriously like to know what the FUCK is wrong with the news media–specifically, why must they demonize “speed?” This CNN article describes how a police officer accidentally ran over two sunbathers in Miami Beach, and then this shit is spewed forth: “Officials said speed did not appear to be a factor in the death.” What the fuck, was the officer’s vehicle standing still? Speed is never a factor in any accident–if you’re going too fast, then your own stupidity is the only factor in play. Maybe these retards haven’t noticed, but it is possible to go fast and not run people over. Why even mention it? How is that statement relevant to anything, let alone this article? Shut the fuck up, already.

4 thoughts on “Speed Factor

  1. They need to say “excessive” speed. Either in excess of what you are capable of safely handling, or in excess of what the weather or circumstances safely allow.

  2. I guess what really bugs me is that they always seem to have an agenda by saying, “Speed was [or was not] a factor,” but if that’s the case, what the hell is their agenda? Making such statements doesn’t seem to have much propaganda value. They should just say, in a robot voice, “Obey all laws.”

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