After Traci’s ultrasound and Michael’s 2-year checkup on Thursday, we headed up to Mike and Ali’s new house in West Valley. We would have gone to see them sooner, but with the car now fixed and nothing else going on, we finally didn’t have anything keeping us from going. We didn’t do much besides hang out, but it was a nice break from work, and from sitting at home being bored. (By the way Mike, read this, that is if I don’t call you before you see this.) The drive home today was pretty cool–it snowed most of the way after we hit US-6, but by the time we got to Price, it was sunny and dry, even though it was a blizzard just 10 miles away on the other side of Helper.
The weather next week is supposed to be really nice, that is if you like snow. It’s supposed to snow most of the week, so I’ll probably be out off-roading in it a lot–I have a lot more fun in the snow than on dirt roads or even mud. Hopefully there’ll be a lot of accumulation with this storm, because I’d really like to be able to water my lawn and do some landscaping this spring and summer.

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