A couple of months ago my mom was cleaning out her basement, and she found the box for an old Pioneer CD player. I have several of those laying around my house and garage, but I sold all the vehicles that I installed the CD players in, so all the boxes are empty. She called me and told me she’d found this box, and that it had something in it. I assumed it was just an old factory stereo that I ripped out of one of my old vehicles, but I figured I’d better go take a look at it just in case it was something I wanted to keep. I went over to my mom’s house, and found that the box actually contained the Pioneer CD player that originally came in it. It was the first CD player I’d ever bought, back in 1994, and it still works! I don’t remember why I never used it again–it used to be in my ‘88.5 Ford Escort GT, but I gave that car to a junkyard a long time ago. I must have left the plug that originally went to the CD player wired to the car, because it wasn’t in the box, so I just barely got done soldering all new wires to the tiny little pins on the back of the unit. I figured that would be easier than going to the junkyard and trying to get them to give me the plug–they were assholes the last time I went there for parts and only reluctantly let me in, because supposedly they only use the junked cars for their paint & body business. I’m going to install the CD player in my truck, since I ripped the cheap-o Sony CD player out of it to put in my Nissan when I sold it. With the way things normally go for me, I’ll end up selling my truck really soon, then I’ll be in need of yet another CD player.

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