Ok, this really isn’t funny, but I had to come into the office today, so I rode up to Orem last night with my mother-in-law, mostly because I still don’t fully trust the Subaru. Well, my wife and her mom were running around Utah County (in her mom’s newly-bought Ford Explorer–I think it’s a 2000 model year) while I was working, and they were supposed to come pick me up about 15 minutes ago. But Traci called and said they’d broken down. The Explorer started smoking like Chris and Nima, and when they pulled off to the side of the highway, it was gushing oil out from somewhere on the engine. So somebody is supposed to be coming up from Price right now to bring us another vehicle, and to tow the Explorer back to town. Somehow, I think the Subaru would have done much better than my mother-in-law’s Explorer.

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