Are you sick of me talking about my car yet? =) Yesterday, I had a little scare–I thought I’d blown another head gasket. We went to Wal-Mart Sunday night, and when we returned, I thought I smelled coolant burning off in the exhaust. I really didn’t want to deal with something like that again, so I just ignored it and hoped it would go away. Yesterday morning, I went out to take a look at the car, and there was a puddle of antifreeze on the ground underneath it, just like the last time the head gasket blew. After poking around the engine compartment for a few minutes, I found that the coolant was coming from somewhere on the top of the engine, right near the head gasket–I feared the worst. I went to my garage and got a bright halogen light, shined it on the engine, then started the car. I worked the throttle by hand, revving the engine pretty high, and I saw the leak. It was just a coolant line that runs from the engine block to the thermostat housing. I had some fuel line laying around, so I used that to replace the old line.
I’m still not sure how well I trust the Subaru now, even after all these repairs. I drove it for about an hour and a half on Sunday for 40 miles of off-road, low-speed, high-rev driving out around Pinnacle Peak, and didn’t have any problems. I was pretty nervous about driving the car out there, because I didn’t bring any of my tools. If anything had happened, it would have been a long walk back to town.

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  1. dennis your poll is getting old. i have an idea. how about “Do you think the astronauts that died on the columbia were heroes.” it would be interesting. trust nima.

  2. As for the astronauts who died, I think you could call them heroes. They knew their lives were at risk, yet they chose to go up and do their thing in space anyway. That’s better than you can say for the great majority of those who died on September 11, 2001–being a hapless victim does not make you a hero. Not that I don’t sympathize with their families, but all this hero talk is just journalistic sensationalism.
    That being said, I’ve put a new, completely unrelated poll up. Vote early, vote often.

  3. I do believe that the firefighters and rescue workers that ran into such a dangerous situation and died there to attempt to save the victims definately deserve the title hero.
    As for the astronauts.. I think that anyone who puts thier life on the line and dies like that for the sake of science and exploration could also be called a “Hero”… I have no problem with it.

  4. the word hero is way overused. i don’t care if they are heroes or not. its just a label. a label that every dying person gets when he/she works with an american flag on their work clothes.

  5. say someone was standing behind you and you were at a speech by the president. and that person behind you pulls out a gun and is pointing it at the president. someone around you sees the person with the gun and is trying to stop him but bumps you in the line of fire. are you the hero or is he? i know its one of those if then and if there things, but it makes you think.

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