Oh jeez…this couldn’t be closer to the truth. I had read an Onion article (bottom of page, center column) entitled Baby’s Third Through Eighth Words Registered Trademarks earlier this week. Then just a couple days ago, Michael was playing with a toy that he got out of a happy meal, and it had the little golden arches logo on it, literally only about 1/8″ big, but he saw that logo and said “McDonalds, hamburger.” I busted out laughing, just because I had read that Onion piece only a day or two before.
I ordered me one of these babies the other day, and it should be here next week sometime. Now I just need to take a CCW course, pay for my permit, and I’ll be set. I have a safe with a spring-loaded door and an electronic keypad that I keep in my bedroom, so it’s safe from Michael’s reach, but I can get to my handgun in just a few seconds if the need arises. I’d also like to get a 16-guage shotgun to keep by the bed, but there’s really no reasonable way (without spending a lot of money) to keep one there and have it readily available while still being safe from little kids. It’s sad, this evening when I went to buy ammo for my handgun at Wal-Mart, the woman working in sporting goods carded me. I suppose that I should be flattered that she thought I looked at least 6 years younger than I really am, but seriously, do I look like I’m 12? I still get carded by the jackass old man at the liquor store, even though he’s seen me in there dozens of times.
Speaking of little kids, Michael’s birthday is next Sunday. We had planned on getting him two DVDs when we were in Orem on Wednesday, but Media Play wanted 28 fucking dollars for the Disney cartoon version of Robin Hood. Not only that, but they didn’t have Chicken Run in stock, but now I’m glad that I walked out empty-handed. I ordered both DVDs from PlayCentric (found through DVD Price Search) today for $30.53 total, and I got free shipping too. It’s too bad I can’t just buy everything online, because I hate going to stores.

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  1. Buy him a sleigh and go to a hill nearby where he can use it, and spend a day with him out in the snow.
    Today I drove through my home-town. The church is on a small hill, and as kids we used to go skiing and such there. The place was packed with kids every day.
    Now today at 3pm, with wonderful sunny weather, there were only 2 kids riding there. That kinda made me sad, wondering what all the kids do today……

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