Ooh baby

Whoa. I just got my truck back from the Ford dealer, which is the first time they’ve done something in the time they said it would take them. Actually, since they sent the driveshaft off to a shop that specializes in them, I’m not surprised it was done on time, because Community Motors had nothing to do with it. They built an entirely new driveshaft for my truck, and it’s beautiful. Seriously, it’s so shiny and new looking. I took it out on Airport Road and pegged the speedometer (for the first time since I’ve owned the truck), and probably got it doing about 90 MPH. It was the smoothest ride I’ve ever had in that truck–no vibrations at all. It’s too bad I spent so god damn much money fixing the thing, because it’s nowhere near worth dumping that much money into a truck that old. Oh well, I’m a sucker…what can I say?

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