Kid Destructo

Michael managed to get a bottle of my wife’s nail polish and throw it into a laundry basket, and it made it through the washing machine and into the dryer, where it exploded and ruined every single item of clothing in there, with the exception of one t-shirt. I had a few old shitty shirts that got nail polish on them, but I could care less about them. I also had a decent pair of pants, my favorite t-shirt, and a brand new pair of shorts that got ruined. My wife had a lot more clothes in there, which are now all crap. Looks like we’re going to have to do some clothes shopping when I get my next paycheck.
Hey, look at the bright side–at least now I have a lot more clothes to wear for doing yard work or working on my vehicles.

3 thoughts on “Kid Destructo

  1. I’m sure you’ll look stunning in your “Fire Engine Red” jeans, and matching “Raspberry Passion” t-shirt.
    And no, I DON’T know if that’s an actual color! 🙂

  2. Come now Tom, you do know its a color, you don’t have to lie around here 😉
    I did the same thing dennis, only with a pen, not fingernail polish, its upsetting because you know the money you spent on the clothes was wasted.

  3. Gee, I seem to remember a similar incedent with a crayon when we were younger…… like father, like son I guess. 🙂

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