One man's junk…

They had a used equipment auction at work today, and I managed to snag a pair of Vivitron monitors (15″ and 17″) and a Gateway computer (P-166). I’m just using the hard drive, video card, cdrom, network card, and floppy drive from the computer to put in my old PII-266 for my wife. I only paid $60 for everything I got, so it was way worth it. I’ll probably use the case, power supply, and motherboard for target practice.

2 thoughts on “One man's junk…

  1. He He. I got one of those same systems some where in Phoenix AZ. I am still using the vivitron 15 for the kids. The the case is used for a Samba sever. I replaced the power supply and mother board. A new 120gig drive in on deck to be installed. Hey but the case fits right in the Stereo cabinet. LOL I found your site looking for the vivitron manual or config info.

  2. Yeah, they were pretty good systems for their time. My company bought several of them before I started working there 5 years ago, and they just barely retired them. The monitors are especially good–the 5½-year-old Vivitrons have better clarity than the 2-year-old Futura monitor I’m using now.

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