I went to Wal-Mart yesterday evening a little after 7:00 to get some plastic tubing so I could run a water line to my freezer and finally hook up my ice maker. They’re building a new Supercenter right across the street from the current Wally World, and they’ve pretty much stopped stocking the shelves in the old one, but the new one won’t be open for another week. So the damn place was nearly picked bare, and they didn’t have any water line. So I booked on over to K-Mart, and what do you know–they’re closed. The sun was still up (damn daylight savings), and the place was closed. I don’t know if it’s some Utah thing, where K-Mart closes super early on Sundays, but it sure pissed me off. I’m sure the new Wal-Mart will not only put them out of business in this town, but hopefully Albertson’s will close shop too.

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  1. Not really…since they took over Shitty Market, their prices have gone way up. Still, I guess it would suck for Uncle Lucy to lose her job there.

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