sunburned, cut, scraped, bruised, and sore

I would have planted the grass in my back yard today, but it was too damn windy. It looks good still, even though it’s all just dirt now–in fact, it looks better than it ever has since I moved in. I wish I’d taken some pictures before I started all the work back there. I’ve probably put about 25 hours into it in the past week, but now all that’s left is to lay down some peat moss and grass seed, and keep it watered. But once I get done with that, I still have plenty more work to do on the rest of my yard.
I was gonna take that F-350 for a test drive yesterday, but the guy couldn’t get it started–the carburetor flooded really bad. It’s got a 400M engine, 4-speed manual transmission, 33×12.5″ tires, and it’s a Canadian model, so the speedometer and odometer are in kilometers. I went over there with $1,300 in my wallet, prepared to offer the guy that much if I liked how it ran, but now I’m not so sure I even want it. I might just get my truck fixed, because at least then I’ll know what work has been done on it, and I won’t be wondering what’ll go wrong next.

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