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Ty‘s vote for 95-105 MPH on the new poll really should count for more. After all, it was in a Yugo going 96 MPH with Ty, me, Jorge, Big Russ, and Big Rodney Vasquez in the car. Trust me, that’s much scarier than going 125+ in any car.
The fastest I’ve ever gone is about 120 MPH in my Nissan, when Traci and I were on our way back from Lake Powell a few years ago. The speedometer only reads up to 115, but the needle kept going past to what I estimate was 119 or 120. We had the car loaded down with about 300 pounds of camping gear, but I don’t think that affected our speed too much. It was a very long flat stretch of road, and any car could have hit its top speed there. I actually backed off before we got going much faster, but I still had about 1000 RPMs left to go before the tach redlined.
I have a hard time coming up with decent poll questions lately…well, probably because it’s a pretty much useless function of my site. =) I came up with this one after doing a little over 100 MPH on my way to Helper today. I figured if I was going to get rid of the car soon, I’d take her on up to 100 one last time. I’m going to miss that car.

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  1. Nah…the storm troopers stay away from the stretch of US-6 that I was on. Anywhere between Price and Helper is safe, except right in front of Casketview Hospital and the 1-mile stretch between the Consumers turnoff and the Helper city limits…

  2. God I miss that car…
    er….wait, I hated that car!
    But it sure was fun in the snow… You could do some pretty sweet donuts in that thing.

  3. Oh…and watch out for one of those little paved over spots on the median about 1-2 miles south of the first turn into spring glen…I haven’t seen them there in a while, but a county cop used to sit there all the time.

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