Anybody know of a good popup killer? I’m using Popup Killer right now, but it just doesn’t work the way I want. It’ll kill automatic popups, but it also kills popups that happen when I click something, such as a comment link on Ty’s site. I guess what I need is a popup preempter–something that can tell whether or not I clicked something to make the popup appear. Having to disable Popup Killer when I want the popup window to appear is just a pain.
Update: I’ve messed around with Popup Killer for a bit, and figured out how to make it work the way I want it to (so far, anyway). Go to Options > Preferences > Detection; Enable the Smart engine, and set the slider to 25 (right in the middle). The level of sensitivity set by that slider isn’t documented in the help file, but 25 seems to be the magic number between auto (onLoad) popups and onClick popups.
Update II: It killed an onClick popup on this page, so it’s still not right. I’ll either get it figured out or just quit using it. =)

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  1. you can configure popup killer to ask when there’s a new automatic popup for the first time, and then you can either send that popup to the blacklist from then on, or ignore it in the future. It seems to work pretty good for me that way.

  2. I have some problems with it too, but I find if I use the CTRL key to open up windows that get shut down automatically, then just release it to close the window when I am done. I think it needs work, but the pros outweigh the cons.

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