I’m an idiot. I forgot that my wife’s uncle owns a service station out in Helper, and he does exhaust repair too, so I called him this morning and asked him if he could put a muffler on my Nissan. It’s been almost three months since the old muffler fell off, and if I’d remembered, I could have had it replaced back then for dirt cheap. He only charged me $60 for a new muffler & tailpipe, and now that’s one more reason for potential buyers to not be able to talk me down on the price. Now if only I could get the A/C working. Oh, and that squeaky belt too.
I had a guy come drive my car yesterday evening, and he seemed really interested. He said he was waiting to get approved for a small loan, and he’d get back to me as soon as he heard back from the bank. Hopefully I get a taker soon–I really want my truck back on the road, or rather, off-road.

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