Shoot me in the head, please.

Ty gave me a soundcard that he happened upon, and it was giving me problems when I tried installing it tonight. These aren’t the same problems as my last soundcard gave me, but I still couldn’t get the thing working. Eventually I found an option in my BIOS to disable the onboard RAID controller, and it fixed whatever problem was going on. The soundcard worked perfectly, and I was happy. I then tried installing the software for my USB speakers (basically it’s just volume control software), but the install program said the speakers needed to be plugged into a USB port for the install to continue. Well, the speakers were plugged into a USB port, so I tried running a file called “USBUPD1.EXE”, not knowing what it was, but hoping that it would somehow force the setup program to recognize that my speakers were plugged in. Well, instead, it fucked my Windows install up–it copied over vmm.vxd and a few other virtual memory manager drivers. When I rebooted, Windows wouldn’t start, and I got an error message saying that several files may be bad. I tried extracting the files from my Windows 98 CD, but I couldn’t find vmm.vxd in any of the .CAB files. Which led me to re-install Windows 98 yet again.
And now, my USB ports appear to have quit working again. When I plug in my camera and turn it on, Windows brings up a message saying that it’s detected a USB device and is locating the software for it, but the message eventually goes away and nothing happens. My camera software won’t even recognize that the camera is plugged in. But hey, at least I’ve got a fucking soundcard that works. God damn it all to hell. The sledgehammer beckons.
Lessons learned: (1) NEVER EVER buy an Abit KG7-RAID motherboard. (2) USBUPD1.EXE = PURE EVIL.

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  1. Go for Soltek SL-75DRV2 [] motherboard if you want to get a new one. I have had ZERO problems with it since I got it and it is an awesome board.
    You probably don’t even need RAID, because you don’t have 2 hard drives.

  2. No, I definitely don’t need RAID…I only got this board because it was the only decent Abit board carried by LS Micro. From now on, I think I’m going to go with a cheapie board, ’cause Abit and Asus boards have given me nothing but trouble. I might just check out that Soltek board. =)

  3. I have an Epox 8kha+ and I love it. Epox pretty much rules, but don’t get the stupid bitch known as the 8kta3+, I build a system for a friend using that board and her modem keeps on failing and all sorts of shit.
    The only complant with my system is that whenever I exit out of a game like Q3A or CS the system restarts. I think it’s a problem with the video card.

  4. > Lessons learned:
    > (1) NEVER EVER buy an Abit
    > KG7-RAID motherboard.
    NEVER EVER buy a telephone.
    I did and it doesn’t make ANY
    COFFEE AT ALL. Not even when I
    boil the water before I pour it
    in the little holes.
    NEVER EVER read the readme.
    I did and found out USBUPD1.EXE
    is ONLY for Windows 95 B & C.
    That sort of pointless restriction
    in a readme = PURE STUPIDITY

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