Car Stereo

I tried installing a CD player in my Subaru this weekend, but it looks like I’m going to have a hell of a time getting it installed. I didn’t want to cut the factory plugs off, but I can’t find a plug adapter anywhere in town, so I’ll have to get one Friday when I’m in Provo. Also, instead of the antenna cable plugging directly into the stock stereo, the stereo itself has a 1½ foot cable that plugs into the antenna cable, so I’ll need an extension to reach the new CD player. The stock stereo isn’t exactly the same size as a DIN receiver, either–it’s got the right width and height, but it’s about ¾” too shallow, so my CD player sticks out from the dash that far when I use the stock mounting brackets.
I checked out Crutchfield’s site, hoping to find a mounting kit, but all they have for my vehicle is an under-dash mounting kit. I’m certain that they make a kit that will let you mount a receiver that sticks out from the dash a little–Mike Marshall had one in his ’72 Ford truck. I think I’m going to have to go to Sound Warehouse or some other car stereo place up north and talk to an actual person about it, ’cause I know somebody must make a mounting kit for my car…I just can’t find one on the internet.

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