I tried getting Medal of Honor Allied Assault running on my machine last night, but I guess it won’t work with my video card. After updating my video drivers, installing GL Setup, and trying various other fixes, the game gave me an error message saying a video card with multitexturing capabilities was required. It’s strange, because my machine can run Quake III without any problems. So I think my next computer-related purchase, after a new hard drive, is going to be a new video card. I watched Ty play the game for a bit the other night, and it just looks badass.

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  1. I’m running a visiontek geforce II mx-400.. $50 for 32 meg…$70 for 64. Great card for the price if you don’t need all the tv-out extras & such. (And don’t want to shell out the cash for a Geforce 3) :)….

  2. i tried running medal of honor alied assult, it keeps on displaying an error message that i need to have a video card with multitexturing capabilities.

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