Instead of going to work yesterday, I decided to come up today. Before I left home, I called the state’s new 511 service, which was actually quite nice. It’s all voice-activated, so I just say “road conditions,” then “highway six,” and it tells me the road conditions for that particular highway. Now if only they could keep Utah Commuter Link updated–when I drove up here Monday and had to turn back because of the weather, that website hadn’t been updated since Saturday morning. I actually emailed somebody at U-DOT, asking them when the VMS signs and surveillance cameras will be operative in the canyon, but haven’t heard back from them yet.
Just a few minutes after I left Price, I ran over a dead deer with my car. I wasn’t paying all that close of attention to the road, and I looked up and suddenly saw it in the middle of my lane. I don’t think it had been there for too long, or else it would have been frozen and probably would’ve done some major damage to my car. As it is, it still knocked the shit out of the car, but it still steers just fine, so I assume no damage was done.

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