Arc Welding in the Kitchen

Earlier this evening, I was unplugging my coffee pot so I could plug the dishwasher in, when the screw that holds the face plate over the electrical outlet fell out. The face plate was just barely hanging on the outlet, so I started to unplug the other cord that was plugged in, and the face plate, which is metal, fell and shorted across the half-unplugged plug. It welded the plug to the face plate and left some black marks all around the outlet before a fuse finally blew. It scared the shit out of me seeing all those sparks and shit that I screamed like a girl, because I was holding the plug when it happened. So I went to change the blown fuse, and it was welded to the fusebox–I had to use some vise-grips just to wrench it loose. I’m surprised the wiring in my attic didn’t catch fire with as long as it took the fuse to blow. I didn’t have any replacement fuses, so I went to Wal-Mart and got a few, plus I got a plastic outlet face plate. I’ve got several more metal outlet covers in my house, so I guess I’d better replace them before something like this happens again.

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