My computer just stopped working yesterday. How shitty is that? I had to take my whole computer up to LS Micro in Orem and have them test the board, RAM, and CPU. It turned out to be the CPU, so they gave me a new one. Before I left, I made sure my computer would boot up, ’cause I’m sure as hell not going back up there anytime soon. I’m 100% certain that I’ll have problems with this new one too, because that’s just the way things work for me. It’ll end up crapping out on me again, and I’ll take it back for a refund, then buy a fucking Dell or something.
When I got home and set the computer back up, Windows re-detected my network card as though I had removed it from the device manager. So I went through the process of Windows searching for drivers, finding that a driver was already installed and using that one, but then Windows froze up. I rebooted and Windows loaded just fine, but my network card was disabled in the device manager. So I reinstalled the drivers from a floppy, and the same damn thing happened. I then borrowed a network card from Ty, and the same thing happened with that one. I finally kept trying and trying, and eventually I got it to work. I haven’t rebooted my machine since I got the network card working, so who knows what’ll happen when I start it up next time…maybe I’ll just never turn it off.
So now that I missed several hours of work yesterday while I was trying to get my computer working, I have to fucking work on xmas eve to make that time up. I’m seriously thinking about just telling my manager at work that either the company buys me a new computer, or they lose me as an employee. It’s bullshit that I have to provide my own computer, especially when there’s a brand-new Dell sitting on my desk at work that only gets used when I go into the office twice a month or so. If I worked in the office, and there were problems with my company-owned computer (which has happened to me several times before), they wouldn’t expect me to make up the lost time. I’m just fed-up with all the bullshit.

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