Found On Road Dead

Finally, my ugly beast-of-a-truck is sitting in my driveway once again. It got towed down last night, but sat at the Helper Auto lot overnight and didn’t get taken here until this afternoon. The guy who towed it down from Springville left the key in the ignition, turned to the “On” position all night, so my battery was dead. I had to borrow my mom’s 4Runner to jump it, then I backed it into the driveway. Someday this week, I’m going to move my camper into my back yard, then find a suitable place back there to leave my truck. I know all the work I need to do on it will make a greasy, oily mess, and I don’t want to do it in the driveway.
I surveyed the damage a little today–looks like it’s leaking oil pretty badly between the transfer case and the transmission. I think I’ll remove the transfer case and check things out there–something I’m not looking forward to. Also, in order to find out whether it’s the driveline or the output shaft (or both) that’s bent, I’ll have to put the truck up on jackstands, have somebody throw it in 4th gear and romp on the gas while I sit underneath the truck and observe. That should be truly scary, especially since there’s every chance the whole thing might fly apart again.

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