Turkey Day

This is turning out to be a damned good thanksgiving, and it’s not even half over yet. I woke up this morning, got me and my son ready, then we took a drive up Price Canyon, where it was snowing pretty badly. I took some pictures of stuff (the frozen waterfall, the steam rising out of the coal-fired power plant), then headed back down into town. I ate a little dinner at my in-laws’ house, and now I’m at home fixing yams to bring over to my mom’s. It’s snowing some giant snowflakes right now, but it’s too warm for any of it to stick to the ground. Still, it’s pretty outside.
Dinner at my mom’s should be really nice–I held back at my in-laws’ to leave room for my mom’s cooking. =) Not that the other stuff was bad, but who doesn’t like their mom’s cooking better? In addition to the yams, I’m bringing over a couple bottles of champagne, and my mom already has some wine, and only three of us there will be drinking, so there oughta be plenty to go around.

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