Meteor Shower

Well, it was definitely worth staying up until after 4:00 am to see the meteor shower. We went up Price Canyon and took Emma Park Road for about ¼ mile before pulling off to the side of the road, and we just got out and started watching. We saw literally hundreds of meteors, one of which was huge, maybe even 10 times brighter than the rest. It was worth the trip to see just that big one. After I got home, I woke my wife up, who had stayed home with the baby, and told her how well they could be seen from our back yard. So she got up and we just stood in our back yard, watching the meteors continue to rain down.
I took almost 90 pictures, only two of which captured actual meteors. The shutter on my camera will only stay open for two seconds, so I was basically just pointing it skyward and hoping something would streak across while the shutter was open.

4 thoughts on “Meteor Shower

  1. Mark and I woke the kids up around 5:00am and took them to 4 mile hill to watch the meteor shower. It was awesome. Some of them were so big and bright, they just lit up the sky. Definately worth getting up that early in the morning.

  2. Good, I’m glad the kids got to see it. =) By the time I thought about it, it was too late to call you to see if you were going to take them out to see the meteors. I’ll bet Ashley was really interested in it.

  3. Oh Dennis, I learned a little trick for capturing meteors. You’re supposed to set it on a tripod or otherwise stable surface, and set the exposure on like anywhere from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. Some people even do 90 minutes for stars.
    I still wish I could’ve seen it. 🙁

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