Knock-Down Drag-Out

In about a half-hour, I’m going over to Ty’s house, then we (me, Ty, his wife, and their nephew) are heading up Price Canyon somewhere to observe the meteor shower. I decided that rather than going to bed at a normal time and getting up at 2:00 am, I’d just stay awake all night–it beats waking up groggy in the middle of the night and not really wanting to climb out of a warm bed. Besides, I didn’t get up until after noon today, so I’m not even tired yet.
My wife called the cops on our neighbors tonight…this is the second time in the past month we’ve had to do so. See, a very old lady used to live there alone earlier this year, and her grand-daughter moved in with her a few months ago. The old lady died, so her grand-daughter was living there alone–but only for about a week, at which time a bunch of giggly college girls moved in with her. Not long after that, there were giggly girls and loud guys over there all the time, often with them shouting and honking car horns long after midnight. The house is set pretty far back from the street, and there’s a circular driveway, part of which runs directly next to my house, and that’s where the loud-ass fuckers park their cars (just outside my son’s window). So we’ve taken to calling the cops whenever it gets out of hand, but all the cops ever do is tell them to quiet down. We’re wondering how many times it’ll take for the cops to actually do something, like issue disturbing-the-peace citations. Even if that happens, it probably won’t deter them from being loud, since verbal warnings haven’t helped so far.

3 thoughts on “Knock-Down Drag-Out

  1. Umm…it was pretty cool… or something.
    we probably saw at least one meteorite on average every 5 seconds or so, and several times there was like 5 or more within just a couple seconds.
    Now I’m tired… I haven’t been up till 4:00 a.m. since High School.

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