Would those be chin-nuts?

Work has been keeping me very busy lately. I’ve been put in charge of training a bunch of people, and I think I’m being way too meticulous, because it takes me forever to prepare training materials for a brief 15-minute training session.
Thanksgiving just kind of crept up on me–in fact, November did so as well. Time has just been flying as of late. Mike Marshall and his wife are coming down from Salt Lake and are staying here the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so it should be a fun weekend. (Hey Ty, maybe we could go out shooting then?) I’ve got to clean my house, especially the guest bedroom and bathroom–it’s been several months since they were used, and the bedroom is cluttered with all the xmas gifts we’re giving out this year.
I still haven’t gotten my truck towed down from Springville, but hopefully I’ll get it here next week. It’s taking awhile, but at least it’s not costing me anything. =) I really need my truck to get my camper out of the driveway to store it for the winter. After that, my truck will probably sit in the back yard until I get the money for new drivelines, a new tie-rod end and a ball-joint, which may end up being all winter.

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